What is Content Screamer?

Content Screamer is a marketplace based on a technological platform that connects clients with freelance writers. The clients (agencies or companies) request to write and publish textual contents. The freelance editors write the content. If the content is published on the Content Screamer network of sites the system automatically amplifies the visibility of the textual content using the most important social networks.

Who is it for?

Content Screamer is the right partner for all the clients who need original textual contents but don’t have resources to do it internally. For example, SEO agencies producing content for their clients, companies that need to increase the opportunities to connect with new clients, PR agencies, etc.

How does it work?

The mechanic of the platform is very simple, actually. The client requests to write a content through the platform. He adds information on the industry, the requested level of experience of the writer, a timing and a short brief. Once the request is confirmed the platform identifies the ideal writer for that specific content and sends him the request. The freelance editor accepts the request and starts working on the job. Once the content is available on the platform the client evaluates, approves and assigns a rating to the job and the following month the freelance editor receives the payment through PayPal.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the articles depends on the rating of the editor and the industry. The cost includes the original content, publishing and amplification on social media. Once the content is published it will be kept online indefinitely. We never remove a published content if it respects our policy.

Is it safe from an SEO perspective?

If the content is published on the Content Screamer network we guarantee 100% of consistency with the Google Webmaster Guidelines. The contents are always original, no links in the body of the text. Links are allowed only at the bottom of the content in the “Related Links” section and always with the “no follow” attribute. If the content are published on third party web sites we obviously loose control on what the client is doing and we cannot have any responsibility on potential infringement of the Google Webmaster Guidelines.