Content Screamer is a marketplace based on a technological platform that connects clients with freelance writers.

The clients (agencies or companies) request to write and publish textual contents.

The freelance editors write the content.

Once the content is evaluated and approved, the client assigns a rating to the job and the following month the freelance editor receive the payment through PayPal.


No matter if you're a company or an agency, Content Screamer can be your partner to write original textual contents.

The content produced can be published on the Content Screamer network or in your web site/blog an used for many different purposes.

Fill the registration form as a client and start exploiting the full potential of Content Screamer.

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No obligations, fill the form as a freelance write, tell us something about your passions and your expertise, tell us how many articles you think you can write in a month and wait to receive your first request.

Remember that Content Screamer is based on revenue sharing, you earn 40% of what the client is paying.

Forget the ridiculous fees that you usually receive to write original textual content.